Cloud ソリューション

Cloud solutions offer benefits for both businesses and end-users. Cloud providers use a pay-as-you-go model, so businesses offering cloud-based services never pay for more than what they use. This is helpful for startups on a budget because this keeps the expense in line with the company growth. If for any reason business declines, plans can also be downgraded accordingly.  There’s no need to worry about investing in the upfront infrastructure costs like servers and software licenses. They don’t have to worry about having an IT team in-house to handle the maintenance and repair of equipment.

As the cloud-based approach has grown in popularity and more businesses adopt it for their own use, the price points have gradually become more affordable for small businesses (SMB) to use. Because software as a service (SaaS) solutions are available to suit nearly any business need, it’s possible for companies to get the tools they need at a fraction of the cost of licensing for each user, and access isn’t limited to the licensed device, which is helpful in terms of disaster recovery.

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